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- Our commitment for the environment -

Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne (VDC) corresponds to the application in the viticulture sector, of the principles of sustainable development. This certification is specific to Champagne Ardenne.

It is a daily commitment of winegrowers aiming to reduce the pressure of wine-growing practices on the environment as much as possible around 3 axes of action: the biodiversity footprint, the carbon footprint and the water footprint.

124 points are referenced, implemented by the Champagne Committee and recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture since May 2015.

The objectives of Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne:

  • Target the greatest number of winegrowers: "The efforts of all have more effects than the prowess of a few"

  • A consensual frame of reference and validated by professional families

  • Place the Company and the Product at the heart of certification


The "High Environmental Value" (HVE) certification is a national indicator of environmental performance, attesting to the presence of elements of biodiversity.

It is the highest agricultural certification.

It corresponds to level 3 of certification, that is to say the characterization of farms that are particularly efficient in terms of the environment.

Limitations on chemical products 
Management of the fertilization
Preservation of the biodiversity
Preservation and valorisation of the landscape 
Management of the waste products              
 Reduction of the carbon footprint

High Environmental Value


The 'High Environmental Value' certification is a national indicator of the environmental performance and ensuring the presence of curcial biodiversity elements. This certification can also be obtained for any farm product and is therefore very well-known from the consumers, which makes HVE very powerful. 


Zero herbicide

With the objective of a conversion to an organic wine production in the near future, we have decided to stop using herbicides in our vineyard since 2019. We thus do it mecanically since then and we have welcomed a new member to help us do so: our workhorse Titeuf. 

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